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About us

Creating Timeless Memories in Italy

Sinfonia Weddings is a premier destination wedding planning company that specializes in crafting extraordinary weddings in the captivating landscapes of Italy. With years of experience and a deep love for this beautiful country, our team of talented planners is committed to curating unforgettable experiences that reflect your unique love story.

About Me

Hello! I'm Barbara, your go-to expert in weaving the magic of destination weddings since 2016. My journey began when I founded Sinfonia Wedding, a venture born from my passion for crafting unforgettable moments, leading me to where I am today—ready to make your dream wedding a reality.

With a rich background as a Project Developer for prestigious multinational corporations, I didn't just fill a role; I embraced my identity as a creator of dreams. Today, I channel that same passion and precision into planning your wedding. To me, each wedding is a unique masterpiece, a thrilling new project that brings with it the exhilarating rush and the slight, invigorating hint of challenge that accompanies the creation of something truly spectacular.

Dive into the heart of my world by exploring our mission. Discover how, together, we can turn your wedding into a symphony of memorable moments, tailored just for you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to orchestrate weddings that transcend expectations, weaving together the rich tapestry of Italian culture, breathtaking locations, and timeless romance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create personalized and meticulously planned weddings that capture the essence of our clients' love stories while showcasing the beauty and charm of Italy.

Our Strengths

As trusted wedding planners in Italy, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of top-notch vendors, our ability to seamlessly blend local traditions with modern trends, and our unwavering dedication to creating unforgettable moments for our couples.