Via Colombo 54, 20020 Magnago (Milano), Italy
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Are you dreaming on a Wedding in Italy? Perfect! You are in the right place.

The Sinfonia Wedding Wedding Planners have such a depth of knowledge of their country that they will be able take you and wed you in Italy’s most beautiful places.

We are the unique Destination Wedding Planner Agency with a Team focused on creating a “Wedding Marketing” for your event.

What does it mean? Your Wedding will become the Event of the Year for your Guests.

How can we do that? First, we will involve them immediately, creating an expectation.

In addition, we will use, in the galateo way, the social-media you like.

In other words, we know how to change the mind of your Guests from: o no, now I have to think about flights, hotels, money…to: I can’t wait to be there!

Above all, a Destination Wedding in Italy is unforgettable for everybody.

Therefore start planning your unique wedding and discover all our services!


We will assent your desires and adapt us to your needs.
In other words, please don’t worry.  The right solution is waiting for you.
You can choose: to take our Careless Package or to select, with whole flexibility, the ones of your interest.

The package includes all the services you can read here (packages and added services).

However, it includes the most important one:
Problem solving service
Relax and dream about your destination wedding day!


We will prepare all the necessary documents for your wedding and for your trip in Italy.

all services


Choose from several ceremony style, civil, religious, Sikh, let us know your wish.

all services


Are you confused in the forest of the possible amazing venues? Let us know your wish, we will do a selection for you.

all services


Everything you need.

all services


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We very much enjoyed our wedding. It was a fantastic experience and the most wonderful holiday we have ever had in our life.

Siamo felici di esserci affidati ad un wedding planner e siamo felici di aver incontrato Barbara e Sinfonia Wedding. Grazie per averci supportato e sopportato. Ci avete regalato un ricordo indelebile.

Agradezco la posibilidad de poder revivir aún los recuerdos de nuestro casamiento en Italia y de la felicidad de haber ofrecido a nuestros invitados, familiares y amigos llegados desde el Uruguay para la ocasión una emoción y experiencia sin igual.

You really delivered our fairytale wedding! Thank you for your patience and dedication.

Нам сделали все как мы хотели! И церковь, и венчание, и телегу, и лошадей и даже русские наряды с лаптями! Мне хотелось праздника в полях и в эко-обстановке! Ко мне приехали мои русские друзья и нам всем казалось, что даже пахло сеном как-то по- русски! Огромное спасибо Барбаре и ее команде!

Grazie Barbara per la tua disponibilità, la cura dei dettagli ha superato le nostre aspettative. Il nostro matrimonio è stato indimenticabile anche sotto la pioggia. L’idea del sito web degli sposi è stata la ciliegina sulla torta.

Thank you so much for all of your great work. We still feel the magic of it.

Sinfonia wedding has organized our wedding recurrence in a wonderful Hotel in Venice, taking care to all our wishes for 3 days.

Thank you very much for all of your hard work to make our day something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. It was amazing!!!

Servizio impeccabile, hanno organizzato il nostro matrimonio alla perfezione. Avevo alcuni dubbi iniziali ma grazie alla loro professionalità sono riusciti a rassicurarci in tutto. Grazie a loro abbiamo avuto anche dei prezzi più favorevoli. Lo consiglio, soprattutto per avere un supporto e meno ansia pre-matrimoniale.

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