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Wedding Vows, how to prepare them!

How to prepare the Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are a simple phrase, a promise of love that we all have in our hearts, yet they are the source of

stress for many spouses.

But believe me, the vows are the easiest part of your marriage, I’m not crazy, it is.

First of all you have to know that romantic wedding vows can be read during civil, symbolic and religious wedding, in short, there are no limits and no excuses.

Your love is unique!

Your wedding vows can give a touch of unforgettable emotion, your guests are looking for something genuine and that reflects you.

The vows are easy to write, why?

Because if you are organizing your wedding today, it means that you have found someone who has made you feel the magic of love, who make you feel unique sensations and live new experiences.

Reading these words each of you has thought of something, that’s just what you have to write!

Think about why you are here today, why with him/her and what is that moment that changed everything.

Do not serve frills, describe only your first sensation or the first image. No one expects to hear a poem, but the truth said in your way and with your words.

Now comes the hardest part:

Describing that emotion means getting naked, means really saying something about yourself, not hiding behind the embarrassment and thinking that what you want to say is foolish or Trivial, it’s not.

Be yourself, only a few words but yours.

If you feel inspired or if you are simply more outgoing, now you can add your promises for the future, they are called wedding vows.

Declaring your love is the departure.

Then you should say what your commitment will be, what you would really want to do for him/her?

Remember that we are real people, Please leave at home the charming prince or princess.

I am sure that in your heart you want to give something to your partner, yes that thing that is making you drop a tear now, yes you should say just that.

Now you know what you should say, you have to find the courage to.

Do not worry, write your promises and tell your he/she that if you can not read them, it will be only for the emotion and you will give him/her the sheet prepared with care and love.

Try it, try it, try it and if you can’t read your true wedding vows it doesn’t matter.

Everyone will feel your emotion and this is going to be magical for family and friends.

See you soon.


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