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Wedding Trend – the Candy

Strong symbol, the Candy. A distribution of many candies (Confettata in Italian) as we say today at Weddings, is still a strong emblem, attractive and synonymous of lavishness.

It seems that at first, candy was not meant for celebration purposes, but healing, invented from the Arabic Al Razi, who had the idea of filling the medicine with a sweet shell to make it more pleasant.

However, even the ancient Romans used the candies for the same purposes as we use them today to celebrate births and weddings, just that in thoose days the guests were supposed to bring the sweets to the newlyweds, as a wish for an auspicius future.

It is only in the late fifteenth century, however, that the candies are born in the classic form we all know, Sweet-box are born with candies, by tradition which requires to keep the candies in precious caskets.

About the distribution of many candies, the last wedding trend is a table entirely dedicated to the most varied types and candy tastes, from banana to those at cafe until roses flavored. To take, with grace, with both hands!

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