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Wedding Symbols – The Wedding Rings

Its spherical shape is the perfection of an union, the perfect link between the lives of two people in love who are found themselves and joint, declaring their eternal love. The gold rapresents eternity. The yellow gold has always been a symbol of eternal.

The history of wedding rings is really fasinating and varied. The ancient Egyptians linked up to the rings same seals dipicting scarabs, while the Greeks wore golden earrings with cameos or incision. Even the Christians soon got into the habit of using there jewels and than later Middle Ages adopted the practice of giving a ring to the king and bishops to celebraite ceremony of coronation or consecration.

The Custom that both male and female, to wear a ring after the wedding is started, in the sixteenth century, while thw habit to engrave the names of the couple and to write the wedding date on them was at the end  of seventhteenth century.

The ring appears in fact already in the barbaric area, to seal the promise of love couples exchanging a ring as a sign of loyalty.

Today Brides and Grooms choose the kind of marriage ring, the same can not be said about “where to wear it”: the marriage ring must ne wear in the finger of his left hand. According to the Catholic liturgy, when the celebrant , touchs the first three fingers of the left hand says: “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…” putting, the ring, so blessed, in the fourth fingr of bride and groom hand. AN other explanation, most romantic, says that in the fourth finger would pass the “vein amoris” (vein of love), a direct channel to the door of the heart.

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