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Wedding Reception – New Trends

A formal sit-down Wedding Reception  has always been the way of the wedding world, probably because it is the most formal option and easier for planning.

The world of wedding receptions continue to evolve and modernize with the times, the wedding aesthetic is being more and more influenced by a younger, more casual crowd—the thought of a formal sit down meal seems to be getting a bad rap.

So Which are the moern versions of Wedding Reception?

The heavy COCKTAIL PARTIES or “free-form” dining category.

Let’s be honest, the cocktail hour sometimes has the best food anyway! With DIY food stations (hello, make your own s’mores) to intricate cocktails and craft brew samplers, it’s becoming quite easy to make hors d’oeuvres the main event.  The venue allowed to completely customize the “floating supper” which included a raging skillet, doughnut tower, and kosher food for her relatives.


Whilst the originality and beauty of a picnic wedding are certainly key draw cards to the idea, it also simplifies the wedding planning process, as all hiring, food and décor is handled by one supplier, and it allows endless possibilities in terms of flexibility and creativity.


When planning your menu, the first thing to consider is who will be handling the grill. First choice is a good catering, which can supply a real cooking show! Or you can ask either a trusted friend or neighbor (who knows their way around the grill), or lining up a couple of family members to each take an hour, so no one is stuck with all of the effort. You might even consider snagging some snappy aprons so your grill fiends can cook your meat in style.

Eliminating the formal dinner also allows time for other activities…like dancing!


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