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Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Just a little advice before speacking about the new style trends for Wedding Stationery and Wedding Invitations
The date is fixed, the location is chosen and now… The Wedding Invitations!

But not only, the choice of the invitations implies the choice of the leitmotif of all the printed stuff: menus, acknowledgements, favors, tableau marriage, Welcome, Placemarks, atc

All this in slang is Stationery.

The line and the style of the Wedding Invitation will be the background to your wedding, so it is good to choose them after creating a Mood Board, after deciding what will be the theme and colors of our wedding.

Is Too complicated?

I know someone’s thinking: of course you say that because you’re a wedding Planner but we want a simple wedding and we like the classic lines and we don’t want to spend even for that.

First of all you will spend Definitely the same with or without a coordinate stationery. Coordinate doesn’t means more expensive but it add a touch of class to your wedding.

Think a little about the sheets of your bed, are them coordinated or have you chosen randomly? Although they are not coordinated you can sleep well, but…

The point is the same, the care of detail makes a wedding chic.

The latest trends

Today I wanted to show you some Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery 2019.

The style of the new year will be very colorful and resume the years ‘ 80, it will be a two-dimensional style and reminds a bit ‘ of the tapestries so popular in the years ‘ 80.

In addition, for those who remember, they resemble the fantasies of Naj Oleari or the beautiful Hermes neckties.

So space for the imagination, choose the flowers, the animals or the objects that you like and give them life with the color, if you like to dare this is your year!

If you want some more advice Ask as well.
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