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Wonderful Wedding in Sorrento

Real Wedding in Sorrento

How could it be a Wedding in Sorrento? The answer is simple, please take your time and give a look at the pictures:


If it is not enough, a Wedding in Sorrento is: Blu, White and Yellow!

Full of Colours and Music, therefore it is something you can not forget: our couple does not have words to describe the emotion of this moment.

In Sorrento you can feel the you can smell the lemon’s scent and feel the sea breeze on your skin

A Destination Wedding Wedding in Sorrento is more than a Wedding, is an unforgettable experience you can share with your parents and friends, also it is a memory that will be with you forever.

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Therefore the next question is:

How can I realize my Dream Wedding?

I know that planning a destination wedding for each couple is a challenge, first of all every couple feels the magic but few minutes after they feels the difficoulties.

The distance, the different language, the different uses and customs, maybe the different climate are all bricks of a wall that stands between you and your dream.

If your dream is a Wedding in Sorrento, please do not stop dreaming, please give a look at the pictures again.

Bride and Groom you see, were a couple like you, with the same concerns and with the same desire, so how did them relize their dream?

Simple: first of all they asked more information, also we planned a skype call…. step by step.

If you feel that it should be perfect for you, please contact me, ask me all your questions.

Have a wonderful day.





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