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Wedding Dress Wanted

How to choose the wedding dress? This is a recurring theme. Every year, during the fashion shows for bridal, I see new trends and new forms, always interesting and always dreamy. Yes, because the wedding dress embodies the dreams of girls, women, moms and grandmothers, we all dreamed of it at least once or perhaps more. We all dreamed it even when we were single, already because the wedding dress is the high fashion dress that we can all dream of.

We of Sinfonia Wedding would like to give you a differt Point of View

So how to choose the right Wedding Dress?

The first point that I beg you not to forget is: the wedding dress is a high fashion dress, made to measure for you. How many of you habitually wear high fashion clothes? Few or perhaps almost none.

The fabrics, the proportions, the weight, are different from the clothes that we wear every day. Yes, you know it already, but the feeling that you will try, wearing a wedding dress for the first time, is just this: but it is different! Yes, it‘s different.

So first of all try to understand what makes you more comfortable.

Look at your closet.

Do you prefer light clothes, maybe short sleeves, soft fabrics? Beware of the weight of the dress, you are accustomed to the lightness, a dress with excessive weight, with rigid fabrics would make you feel awkward.

Do you prefer pants, always wear heels and do you like dresses with decisive shapes? Pay attention to the volumes, do not choose a dress with a skirt too wide, you are not accustomed to these proportions and risk to feel awkward. Try a dress built but not too wide.

Are you sporty and love jeans? Choose a fluttering, delicate and dreamy dress. It will make you feel free and wonderful as a fairy.

Do you love skirts, short, long, feminine shapes and heels? Then for you there is the mermaid dress! Or the classic fluffy dress but with something more.

In short, the perfect dress starts from your closet, you want to feel princesses for a day? Choose to be the princesses of your world, to look like a princess you must feel a princess and the first step will be to choose a dress with on you can move with elegance. Never forget that the elegance starts from the way you do.

Good choice

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