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Italian Wedding Dress

Bridal Fashion Week In Milan – My Favourite Stylist

Let’s talk about wedding dress, guess from the pictures of which stylist I want to talk?

Lines built even when soft, absolute fit, the collection for “real brides”.

This is what I like most, year after year the collections of Elisabetta Polignano, are created to make princesses the girls next door.

For me this is the focal point.


Why Elisabetta Polignano   is my favorite? During this edition of  SiSposa Itaina, or the Bridal Feshion Week IN Milan, I admired beautiful wedding dresses, unique and fascinating creations, sparkling and graceful.

BUT, As You know, I’m a WP, so when I admire a parade my mind immediately tries to answer the 2 fatal questions: For what kind of woman this wedding dress  is suitable? Who can I recommend it?

These questions have a twofold response, two inseparable faces, like a coin: physicality and personality. The wedding dress embody the dream par excellence, perfection is not absolute, it is relative but it is indispensable.

A wedding dress must enhance the ordinary physicality and enhance the extraordinary personality, so every woman becomes a unique princess.

It is Not discounted; In the collection of Elisabetta Polignano I found all of this.


For the Princesses brides, the attention is focused on the shoulders and neck, creating new geometries. For a dreamy but modern princess who loves to be the center of attention in the most chic way.

Not only white, soft but built lines. The wedding dress par excellence.

For the professional woman, who is not afraid to show that she “wears pants”, but always does it gracefully and knows that not only the skirt makes us sexy.

Also in this case the shoulders are the focal point, very sexy.


The Veil! Brava Elisabetta Polignano, has reinvented the veil and has also turned into a cloak. Brava because lately the brides feel less comfortable with this accessory that they see necessary but not contemporary.

All Will Adore This veil!

To View the entire collection: Elisabetta Polignano

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