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Please stop to search Wedding Decorations on Google!

Please do not search “Wedding Decorations” on Google

I’m not joking and I’m not crazy, ok maybe just a bit 😊. I’d like to tell you a secret, how you can create the perfect  Wedding Decorations.

One second after saying “Yes, I do!” looking at her new ring, every future bride goes on Google search and digits: Wedding Decorations! Tell me: am I wrong?

Came on, I know you did it! It is normal and Wrong.

Why am I writing that? I can understand that every future bride would like to be informed about the “decorations possibilities” or about the new trends, about costs etc; but it is wrong because you run the risk to lose your personal style.

When I explain this point, I receive two answers: “I don’t run this risk because I know very well what I like” or “but I don’t have idea about what I like, I need an inspiration”.

Even if you perfectly know what you like, unless your name is Liz Taylor, you are not used to see wedding decorations and inevitably you will be influenced by the fashion trend of the moment. “Why not? It should be ok” yes and no. It is correct and beautiful that your Wedding reflects the general trends of the contemporary fashion, but, please remember, that the beauty of a Wedding is timeless, immunes to fashion and changes.  The core of your wedding is You, Bride and Groom, your love, your story, your style.

Here we can go on with the second case: “I don’t have Idea about what I like, I need an inspiration”. False, completely and absolutely false! Every day you make choices guided by your personal test: dresses, shoes, coffee, hairstyle, make up, colour…

The perfect design for your weddign is waiting for you!

You have to start from your habits, the most important point is: Your Wedding day has to look like you!

Now please allow me to do some advertising for the Wedding Planner Category: this is one of the most important reason to choose a Wedding Planner. A Wedding Planner know exactly how to tailor-made a Wedding on You. Every Wedding Planner knows how to create the perfect Wedding Decorations, tailor-made on you.

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