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Sorrento, what else?


Ceremony in Sorrento
Sorrento, what else?

Have you ever been in Sorrento? Have you ever seen a movie in Sorrento? So…

14 April 2020 Barbara Colombo
Island in the lake
Wedding on Maggiore Lake

WEDDING ON THE LAKE When you are thinking on a lake wedding in Italy, what…

22 November 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding in Sorrento

What it means a wedding in Sorrento? Sorrento is one of the most famose Italian…

11 May 2019 Barbara Colombo
Italian Wedding Dress
Bridal Fashion Week In Milan – My Favourite Stylist

Let’s talk about wedding dress, guess from the pictures of which stylist I want to…

7 April 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Vows, how to prepare them!

How to prepare the Wedding Vows The wedding vows are a simple phrase, a promise…

31 August 2018 Barbara Colombo
Please stop to search Wedding Decorations on Google!

Please do not search “Wedding Decorations” on Google I’m not joking and I’m not crazy,…

18 July 2018 Barbara Colombo
Blessing Ceremony in Italy, the choice of many couples!

Why a lot of couples prefers a Blessing Ceremony in Italy? First of all because…

15 June 2018 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Planner life – My Desk

My Desk This is my Desk, my Notebook is the core of my Job. In…

7 December 2017 Barbara Colombo
Wedding in the Wood – Yes or Not?

Wedding in the Wood Who has never dreamed a Wedding like the one of Cinderella…

10 October 2017 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Trends – first part

Planning a 2018 wedding? Some of our favorite wedding experts have given us a sneak…

17 May 2017 Barbara Colombo