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Destination Wedding, the perks of a weekday wedding!


calendar with a wedding date signedd
Destination Wedding, the perks of a weekday wedding!

Why you should consider a weekday wedding. First of all, getting married on Saturday or…

13 November 2020 Barbara Colombo
Ceremony in Sorrento
Sorrento, what else?

Have you ever been in Sorrento? Have you ever seen a movie in Sorrento? So…

14 April 2020 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Packages

Wedding packages in Italy Every Wedding is unique and unforgattable, but I think you need…

10 January 2020 Barbara Colombo
Umbria wedding, destination wedding in italy

WHY UMBRIA FOR A DESTINATION WEDDING? Umbria is a Italian Region little-known abroad (I mean…

25 November 2019 Barbara Colombo
Bride and groom with guests

A Destination Wedding in Italu is your dream? SO you are in the right place!…

21 November 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding on Amalfi Coast
A wild and chic Destination Wedding in Italy

Wild and Chic Venue in Italy A Destination Wedding in Italy, uncommon, unexpected. For those…

30 October 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding in Sorrento

What it means a wedding in Sorrento? Sorrento is one of the most famose Italian…

11 May 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding in Ravello

Wedding in Ravello Marina and Glauco came from Brazil, they decided to get married in…

15 April 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding in Venice

ROMANTIC WEDDING means Wedding in Venice One thing is for sure—Italy was made for lovers….

12 April 2019 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Wedding Invitations and Stationery Just a little advice before speacking about the new style trends…

18 September 2018 Barbara Colombo
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