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Halloween and the Wedding Ceremony

What’s Halloween has to do with a Wedding Ceremony?

I know it You are wondering. Well, reading something about the Halloween party, I discovered a very interesting spiritual or symbolic wedding ceremony.

First of all, I discovered that Halloween comes from the celebration of Samhain.

A feast that indicates the time of sacrifice. The moment when God dies to ensure the continuation of existence. It is a moment of reflection that through the contemplation of nature that is asleep, leads to awareness and acceptance of death as natural.

In fact it is a feast of relief, reminds us that the death of loved ones and also ours, is just a passage. A renewal, is part of the wheel of the year and nature.

Okay, but what does it have to do with symbolic or spiritual wedding ceremony?


Among these rituals inspired by Nature, one of the most important is that of Wedding. All those who are attracted to the symbolic wedding outdoors, in a forest maybe, this is made for you.

Mind you this is something more than a Symbolic Wedding, it is a real spiritual union.

It is a very beautiful and joyful ritual, where we celebrate the Love of two people and their desire to be united is expressed in harmony with the Nature, the Sun, the Moon and the four natural elements.

It is a Symbolic Ceremony very far from the gloomy idea that we Westerners have about the magic rites.

The Magic here is only Love, revered as a powerful and renewing force. I assure you it is something moving and exciting.

How it takes place?

Fresh flowers, a cup, candles and… a broom! Yes, because some versions of this ceremony foresee the blowing of the broom. The broom must be created using special types of woods and must be kept by the couple as a symbol of their promises (if you need help with your Wedding Vows, read here).

Once married, when you encounter moments of disagreement and before arguing, you will have to challenge the broom, sweep a little air with the intent to remove from you negative feelings like resentment and anger. Only then can you argue.

It seems to me that the usefulness of the magic broom is obvious to everyone!

The most beautiful thing is that it is not necessary to celebrate this symbolic or spiritual wedding in the open air, if the time does not allow it, even the celebration indoors by the same results, provided the most important guest is present: Love.

Write me if you want more information.

Buon Halloween


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