If you are reading these words you are asking yourself too, but basically you already know the answer. It is in the corner of the discounted details that need to be dusted off, ask again: what makes a Destination wedding unique?

The first step is to make the question in the correct way: what will make OUR Destination Wedding unique?

I reveal a secret that is like reinvent the wheel: a thousand factors can make a destination wedding unique, you have to find the right key for YOU.


I can start explaining how I understand what makes a wedding unique for me: to share an emotion with my Gests.

I know it seems obvious and very common, but it isn’t. Not everyone fells like me and maybe you don’t, really! Even if  YOU don’t agree with me, it doesn’t mean you’re an unsocial person or not interested in others.

For me this is the point, because in my life I have few time to devote to affections and to sharing moments with them. In my daily life, I have learned to carve out moments and opportunities for sharing, I stop and fall for the world, I reserve time for my family and friends.

But this implies an effort, a commitment, which pays off, of course, but always a commitment, people like me knows well what I mean. But it’s not so for everyone, each of us at different lives and rhythms, that’s why I said at the beginning, what will make YOUR Destination Wedding unique is among the discounted and dusty details.

Maybe for you is the opposite, maybe you are completely absorbed by family and friends for various reasons and for you the most secret dream is to live a couple experience, only you two…

Or you are an aesthete who has to give in to compromise every day and live with the ugly, maybe just the bare walls of a functional office, for you the most beautiful dream passes by the wedding design, why not? Beauty lights the soul.

We could add food, music, party, every detail has the same value, there is no general classification.

It’s easier than you thought.


I wrote that every detail has the same value and it is true, in short: it is YOUR wedding.

Write all components in circles for example: Affects, Sharing, Setting Up, Religion, Music, Fun. Then look at your circle for a few days, start looking at each voice in a neutral way, away from prejudices or impositions.

Then one day, one of these details will fill your heart with joy, it will be like reading your best friend’s name, so IT IS!!!

This will make your wedding unique!

YES, BUT WHAT WILL MY GUESTS THINK??? Ok we’ll talk about that next time!

Have a nice day

Barbara – Sinfonia Wedding

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