85 Km – 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Malpensa Airport

Situated in Limonta, the heart of the Lake Como area, The Villa is an exclusive 18th-century property surrounded by a hundred-year-old botanic park and directly overlooking Lake Como with a unique 200-meter-length private waterfront.

Preserved proudly by four generations of the Guido family, the Villa opens its magnificent doors to guests who can experience the most genuine Italian traditions, together with the highest standards of privacy and comfort. The Villa offers a unique “picture-postcard” view that will leave any visitor breathless.

The location fee includes 1 suite, 4 double rooms and 3 twin rooms for the wedding night. It is possible to book one or more nights extra.

They offer different combinations of wedding day fee + rooms.


Are you curious to find out the budget to plan your wedding here?

Please write an email to barbara@sinfoniawedding.com, asking for the Password and click on the next link:

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