Why you should consider a weekday wedding?First of all, getting married on Saturday or during the week end is a convention, but it isn’t a tradition, I mean you won’t broke the rules choosing a weekday.

What about Family and Friends?

In my experience Family and Friends will give positive feedback.Usually the couples send the invitations months before, so guests have enough time to organise work and private life.Guests arrive a few days early to rest and look around. They have enough time to decompress and catch up with other guests who they may not get to see very often.For them it is an occasion to plan a small vacation. If you plan your wedding on Saturday, they won’t have a reason to take days off. Saturday wedding starts the second they arrive, they run the risk to be late and to get tired.
A weekly date allows for more tie with loved ones. You have more times to enjoy activities and quality time with your family and friends.You and your guests have more time to enjoy the venue, you might organise BBQ, wine testing, truffle hunting… or just spending time walking around ad visiting something new together. Your wedding can become an experience.

Free upgrades or saving

Often the venue fee is less during the week and they may include more services like early arrive, a room for make-up and hairstyle, etc…Hotels and B&B may have discount rates or can give you a room upgrades for free.Caterer may offer competitive pricing such us equipment and delivery, they may offer a complimentary late-night snack or a free of charge extra time.

A date with special meaning

If you have a special date in you heart, for example your engagement date or your parents wedding date, you can celebrate on that date.The significance of that day will remain with you forever.

Last but not least

You will have more chances to book your preferred vendors and they will have the best team members available who not be as spread out as on Saturday. Now It is your tourn! Please feel free to ask your questions using the form below or in private message to barbara@sinfoniawedding.com BarbaraSinfonia Wedding

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