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gift for best man, sinfonia wedding
Gift for best man and gift for maid of Honor – An Idea!

Among all the favors and gifts that couples choose the most difficult are certainly the…

4 May 2019 Barbara Colombo
Bride and Groom
Mountain Wedding

Bride and Groom are a Young Italian couple, who lives in New York. So the…

3 May 2019 Barbara Colombo
Italian Wedding Dress
Bridal Fashion Week In Milan – My Favourite Stylist

Let’s talk about wedding dress, guess from the pictures of which stylist I want to…

7 April 2019 Barbara Colombo
The Italian Wedding Stars
The Italian Wedding Stars 2018

THE ITALIAN WEDDING STARS GRAN GALA 2018 Countdown to the most anticipated wedding event of…

19 November 2018 Barbara Colombo
Halloween and the Wedding Ceremony

What’s Halloween has to do with a Wedding Ceremony? I know it You are wondering….

31 October 2018 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Dress Wanted

How to choose the wedding dress? This is a recurring theme. Every year, during the fashion shows for bridal, I…

14 October 2018 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Wedding Invitations and Stationery Just a little advice before speacking about the new style trends…

18 September 2018 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Vows, how to prepare them!

How to prepare the Wedding Vows The wedding vows are a simple phrase, a promise…

31 August 2018 Barbara Colombo
Please stop to search Wedding Decorations on Google!

Please do not search “Wedding Decorations” on Google I’m not joking and I’m not crazy,…

18 July 2018 Barbara Colombo
Wonderful Wedding in Sorrento

Real Wedding in Sorrento How could it be a Wedding in Sorrento? The answer is simple,…

26 June 2018 Barbara Colombo
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