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Wedding Trend – the Candy


Wedding Trend – the Candy

Strong symbol, the Candy. A distribution of many candies (Confettata in Italian) as we say…

27 July 2017 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Symbols – The Wedding Rings

Its spherical shape is the perfection of an union, the perfect link between the lives…

29 June 2017 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Reception – New Trends

A formal sit-down Wedding Reception  has always been the way of the wedding world, probably…

24 June 2017 Barbara Colombo
Wedding Trends – first part

Planning a 2018 wedding? Some of our favorite wedding experts have given us a sneak…

17 May 2017 Barbara Colombo
Castle on the Lake – Lago Maggiore

Wedding in Angera Castle – Angera (Varese), sec.XII The medieval castle is the perfect location…

16 May 2017 Barbara Colombo
Which kind of couple do you are?

The most important thinks every wedding planner should know about bride and groom is: who…

13 May 2017 Barbara Colombo
Sinfonia Wedding at MFW

Milano Fashion Week MFW comes third during “fashion month,” and is one of the strongest…

6 May 2017 Barbara Colombo
Veil, Voile, Velo….

  This impalpable, often transparent object of desire of every bride, that crowns literally her…

13 September 2016 Barbara Colombo
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