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Blessing Ceremony in Italy, the choice of many couples!

Why a lot of couples prefers a Blessing Ceremony in Italy?

First of all because of the bureaucracy.

It is true that wedding planning agencies like Sinfonia Wedding will help you and will do most of the work for you, but your contribution is still fundamental.

That means time and stress.

The second point is the cost.

Often you have to pay high town hall taxes, some municipalities, such as Sorrento or Ravello ask around 2500 euro!

That means Time, stress and money.

Another reason: it is not possible to celebrate a ceremony with legal effect everywhere, actually the number of locations that are allowed to celebrate civil ceremonies is increasing, but it is limited.

In conclusion, I’m not telling you to forget your ceremony with legal effect in Italy, but I strongly suggest you to ask the help of a competent agency, that can help you save time and money. Believe me it’s possible!

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Blessing Ceremony in Italy

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