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About Me

I’m Barbara, I have been a Destination wedding planner since 2016.

In 2016 I decided to found Sinfonia Wedding, so I started this new journey, which has brought me to you today!

In the past I worked as Project Developer for a couple of big multinational company.

Actually for me it was not just a job, I am a Project Developer. Even now I feel to be a Project Developer.

Yes, because your wedding is for me a new and unique project, every time I feel the thrill and that pinch of fear that accompanies the birth of a new project.

 Find out what I mean readiing our mission…

Our Mission

We can’t change the world, but we can share deep emotions and love with those close to us.

This is the real meaning of the WEDDING for every Culure and Country, so I’ll help you find your way to communicate and share your love message!

I’ll help you create a wedding that looks like you.

So have we to bring out our eccentric and whimsical side?

No, my aim is to create an event which reflects you, a day where you are happy and proud to be yourself.

Whichever way you are: traditional, romantic, eccentric…

Why Choose Us

Because we know how to work in a team.

We know that the success of your wedding depends on the right team of suppliers, which must be created on your personal project.

I’ve already told you how important each project is for me, haven’t I?

You will see the added value of teamwork


Unomo ragno e donnaragno che si sposano

Next Step?

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